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Job ID: 3305
Title: Supportive Housing-Employment Coordinator
Hours Desired: Fulltime Hours
Work Hours: 40+
Hours/Wk: Not specified 
Description: To act as a positive role model by partnering with tenants to develop activities and services which lead to work. Job duties include Resource Room monitoring and management, tracking outcome performance measures in accordance with funding To coordinate workforce readiness curriculum for program participants via classroom instruction, assist with job placement for program graduates, and assist with resume' construction and development for both internal and external customers.
Requirements: Bachelor's Degree in related field preferred. Minimum of 2 years experience working with homeless and/or low-income population Employment services experience required minimum of 2 years. Any equivalent combination of experience, training and/or education approved. To have an understanding, appreciation and commitment to the mission and philosophy of NCR and the Commons at Grant. Strong verbal and written communication skills Basic math and analytic skills Strong organizational skills. Basic computer skills (word processing, spreadsheet, database). To be skilled in conflict mediation and negotiation. To be able to demonstrate clear, professional boundaries. Ability to work in a team environment. Ability to act in a professional manner. Understanding of low-income and homeless individuals and their specific needs. Knowledgeable about crisis prevention, intervention and resolution techniques and should be able to match such techniques to particular circumstances and individuals. Ability to achieve expected results with tenants.
Benefits: If checked below,
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Location: Columbus, OH 43215
Employment for Seniors is a non-profit organization serving individuals in the
Central Ohio Area who are 50 years of age and older.
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