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Job ID: 3644
Title: Health Informatics Senior Analyst
Hours Desired: Fulltime Hours
Work Hours: Not specified
Hours/Wk: Not specified 
Description: This position will help provide the team in gathering, interpreting and summarizing complex data to help facilitate current and future programs. Strong measurement skills will be required to quantify the numerous components of health care such as efficiency, cost, outcome and utilization, etc. In addition, s/he will help maintain effective data analysis and public reporting policies; supports strategic goals; and assists in collaborative relationships with all stakeholders according to the goals and objectives of the organization. Responsibilities: •Gather and interpret requirements and translate them into deliverables which meet the needs of organization •Consult in the design and implementation of trend analyses, program evaluations and other data analysis external to the organization •Analyze, interpret, and communicate information and present results in formats that facilitate white paper development, future program initiatives while applying statistical tests and models •Monitor activities in the clinical performance measurement arena, including developments at NQF, NCQA, AHRQ, CMS/PQRI, the Joint Commission, AQA, AMA-PCPI, and Bridges to Excellence to ensure appropriate alignment with national efforts to measure and report quality results. •Project manage cross functional tasks that require coordination of multiple team members to deliver and maintain a quality product •Assist in developing and implementing the ongoing healthcare related comparative performance reporting program including the analysis, presentation and dissemination of performance information that supports improvement of healthcare. •Help support the collection of data from multiple sources to provide credible and reliable performance data that engenders trust and confidence in publicly reported results. •Aid in expanding the measures of healthcare quality that Organization reports publicly, keeping documentation regarding organization measures up to date, and continuously improve th
Requirements: Education: Minimum: Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Math, Health Care Management, Health Economics, Health Informatics, or Other related analytical discipline. Preferred: Master’s in Statistics, Math, Health Care Management, Health Economics, Health Informatics, or Other related analytical discipline. Specialized Knowledge: Possess at least five years of health care data analysis and statistics with a technical background in SAS and\or SQL Experience: 3-5 years of the following: Uses effective project management skills, including the project planning and tracking tools; development of achievable goals, objectives, and timelines; and innovative useof resources. An understanding of data management, process improvement and quality initiatives and experienced in the development of technical specifications of quality of care measures. Experience in clinical performance measurement using claims data, with or without other types of data including familiarity with standard reference coding schemes (e.g.,ICD-9 and 10, HCPCS, CPT-4, CPT-2, hospital revenue codes, LOINC, and NDC). Must have strong written and oral communication skills, an understanding of clinical operations and programs.
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Location: Columbus, Ohio 43202
Employment for Seniors is a non-profit organization serving individuals in the
Central Ohio Area who are 50 years of age and older.
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