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Job ID: 3865
Title: Instructional Design Specialist-IT
Hours Desired: Fulltime Hours
Work Hours: Not specified
Hours/Wk: Not specified 
Description: Under the supervision of the Director of Instructional and Multimedia Design, apply instructional design techniques and methodologies to design interactive courseware and other supporting materials to ensure an effective learning experience for a variety of audiences. Responsibilities: Design, construct and sustain computer based training software, internal and external eLearning content. Write course design documents, learning objectives, course content, scenarios, media scripts, practice activities, and posttests. Develop audio recordings, video, interactive eLearning modules. Format courses to the Learning Management System (LMS) standards. Advanced knowledge of the principles and practices of Instructional Design and eLearning Design. Knowledge of eLearning authoring software such as Articulate, Storyline, and Captivate. Advanced skills in the use of eLearning research & development tools such as web 2.0, social media, internet research, image and video manipulation software. Extensive expertise with eLearning software/tools such as Adobe Premiere, Audacity, Adobe Photoshop (or equivalent). The operation of general office equipment; knowledge of project planning and administration. Knowledge is various scripting languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and ActionScript. Detail knowledge of Microsoft Office: Word, Power Point, Excel, and Outlook. Basic familiarity with general office equipment; project planning and administration. Responsible for staying current and proactively seeking information on industry trends. Knowledge of principles and practices of public relation, business communication and presentation, as well as technical writing methods and techniques. Critical thinking skills; use of logic and reasoning to identify strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problem; and skill in determining how a system should work and how cha
Requirements: UNDERSTANDING, SENSITIVITY, TRUST BUILDING Interacts openly and honestly. Encourages others to express viewpoints. Listens and respects different viewpoints. Maintains confidences. LEADERSHIP: Able to deal effectively with people in order to get work accomplished, advocate new ideas, develop effective working relationships. COMMUNICATION Expresses and presents thoughts and ideas clearly, Adjusts language, delivery or terminology to meet the needs of the audience, Generates ideas, fresh perspectives and original approaches; open-minded. Independently takes responsibility and action for problem solving and decision making. Uses creativity and originality when problem-solving. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS Builds networks of useful relationships necessary to achieve positive results. Knows how internal and external organizations work. Able to develop rapport with others. Able to align own work objectives with the organization’s strategic plan or objectives. PRIORITIZING, MULTI-TASKING, BALANCING MULTIPLE PROJECTS Recognizes or establishes the relative importance of multiple issues, tasks, and opportunities to maximize the productivity of the organization. Handles multiple tasks and projects simultaneously without jeopardizing quality Education/Experience: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience in web design, Interactive Media, Distance Education or a related field. Three years’ experience in a related field preferred. A combination of education and/or experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
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Location: Columbus, Ohio 43202
Employment for Seniors is a non-profit organization serving individuals in the
Central Ohio Area who are 50 years of age and older.
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