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Job ID: 4269
Title: Security Officer
Hours Desired: Fulltime Hours
Work Hours: 2pm-10pm M-F
Hours/Wk: 35 hours or more 
Pay: $12.18/hr
Description: Control access to the site by ensuring proper identification of employees or visitors and prepare security logs; Monitor entrance and exits to the facility, either at guard station or by closed-circuit television, and act to prevent unapproved or unlawful entry; Make periodic walking tours of building and grounds to check doors, windows and other entries to ensure they are properly secured; Report any observed irregularities, such as presence of unauthorized people, fire hazards, leaking pipes, unsecured entries and faulty equipment; Assist visitors with a legitimate need to gain entry to facility and escort to a designated area; Prepare a shift activity report to disclose any activities and events that occurred on the shift; Report and/or respond to emergencies; Perform other related duties as assigned.
Requirements: **Requires rotating weekends and mandatory overtime** At least 6 months of security experience required; Dependable means of transportation and telephone at place of residence accessible 24 hours a day required; High school graduate or equivalent; Excellent observation and surveillance skills; Knowledge of computers to monitor camera systems and complete reports; Ability to work independently and make responsible decisions; Ability to use good judgment and think quickly and rationally in difficult or stressful situations; Must be able to sit, stand, and/or walk for extended periods of time; Must be able to respond to emergencies; Must qualify for registration with Ohio Homeland Security, i.e., pass background check as required by law and by site specification and drug test.
Benefits: If checked below,
job is on busline
Location: Columbus 43215
Employment for Seniors is a non-profit organization serving individuals in the
Central Ohio Area who are 50 years of age and older.
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